inhuman kommunism

Copy/pasted from a conversation earlier, saved for later elaboration.


I have some unformed thoughts that diverge from this, but I tend to view the upward thrust towards kommunism following (kinda like [Nick] Land) a massive negentropic push through technocommercial acceleration. Not so much a large corporate capitalism, but something far more distributed. Freed from the decelerators and with the socius dissolving, monopoly capitalism will dissolve in rapid and mobile meshworks, supply-chains that cut across factories assembled in homes (essentially extrapolating the Shenzhen path). We could see the selecting process for optimal solutions taking placing in this scenario; anything that restrains this scenario dips us into those negative path dependencies. Stability might occur in that path, but not resiliency, and any ground gained with collapse in due time. Kommunism ruptures from capital + machine technologies becoming autonomously and moving freely. I would even suggest that at the limit, one can only truly be kommunist in a radically non-human fashion, but it will only be a non-human entity that can override the scarcity that befalls our limited form and truly embrace the excess that really is. So we speed it up, grind ourselves out, and essentially lay the groundwork what comes after us. Best we’ll get is some extremely novel forms of organizing (I think of Carson’s hypothesis that in real “free market” settings, we could actually see less direct market exchanges on the molecular level)  and doing things, and also some dank Kali Culture.


…the only thing a politics of exit could accomplish is really expanding capital, which will simply reinforce levels of complexity existing. Currently AI research is being financed by corporations to cope with the levels of complexity in the existing economy, which is really imho severely underdeveloped when measured against what it could/should/will be. I don’t think it’s a stretch for it to literally emerge from that. Or other weird paths – veering totally into speculation (guess we were already there tho) – we could see human interlocking intelligence before AI, as humans try to ‘expand their bandwidth’ so to speak to cope with the coming reality. After all, we’re drowning in a sea of information, our attention spans are contracting and soon that will impact our ability to act. Retooling human functioning will require more than speed pills and nootropic stacks

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  1. dmf says:

    don’t imagine that engineering worth the name will be happening much and or be of much use when the nation states finally either entirely implode and or are just deeply degraded into effective non functionality, tech without supporting infrastructure is merely art works and adornment.

    • edmundberger says:

      I’m not convinced in the necessity of nation states in acting as the provider of infrastructure for economic expansion, or in the continuity between existing infrastructures + infrastructure paths and the direction of technoeconomic development. The former tends towards decentralized organizational mechanics at the systemic level, while the latter seems to have a tendency towards distributed organizational mechanics (and it is precisely state activity, particularly infrastructural work itself, that keeps the former churning onwards at the expense of the latter and to the detriment of resiliency-building – this is Carson’s very convincing argument in Organization Theory and the Homebrew Industrial Revolution).

      As for inhuman kommunism, this is assuming we don’t get filter out on the way there. But even then, I’m not alluding to a humanist communism, or eternal utopia of post-scarcity economics – simply marrying late Marx’s reconfiguration of communism as simply what comes “after capitalism” to the idea of intelligences that will operate “after us”.

      • dmf says:

        I don’t see any viable alternatives to the states (which are doomed and dying) in terms of funding, personnel,regulation/standardization and organization/bureaucratization, will check into Carson.

  2. why call this “kommunism” is probably the only quibble here

    • edmundberger says:

      Well, this arose in the context of a conversation about what communism exactly is, as presented in late Marx – that is, as simply a stand-in for what emerges from capitalist modernity as it works itself through (as opposed to the utopic humanism of early, political Marx).

      Also an allusion to the kommunism spoken of in Metcalf’s Strife Kolony:

      > T3:Red terror. The capitalist state squirms in the shadow of the propagating minorities. Surging up through history, the war of the flea marshals the power of a nondenumerable, infinite set: a Kommunist swarmachine running numbering numbers across haptic space, assembling shock regiments, passing through n dimensions of imperceptibility, targetting the Hellbound bulk of dogman brain core. Eyes crystals sunk in offal – blacked-out in visions of China. Red Army as demonic alliance, counted-out in n-1 units of faceless multiplicity; acentred and always hiving off into smaller units, beggaring imagination in the nebulous appearance of omnipresence.

      >Flashback 1949: strung out on the Long March, Mao captures the swarmachine on the resonating recording surface of neo-despotism after internal nomadism threatens to flip the socialist State into an ungovernable colony of imperceptible numbering numbers: proletarian schizo microhead, propagating minorities through hive contagion. Surplus value=inextricable. The socialist State confronts the same limits as its capitalist competitors in trafficking optimal crisis management scenarios: virtual extinction, depreciation of existing capital, peripheral datableed destroying majority as axiom – replicating what the captured global war machine sets out to exterminate. Every massacre rallies a minority of the dead minority – numbered legions of the living dead swarming towards the hive colony of Nu-Earth.

  3. dmf says:

    surprisingly good show, actual egineers/roboticists for once

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