Land and Acceleration Limited


This lucid discussion of the splendours and miseries of accelerationism with Ben Noys, Nina Power and Andy Beckett is one of a set of primers on the concept which includes Beckett’s recent Guardian piece and an excellent “quick and dirty” guide from Nick Land over at Jacobite.

If I’ve a criticism of the former pieces, it’s that the discussion of is reminiscent of much of the discourse around transhumanism around the time I started to conceive Posthuman Life.

Noys, Power and Beckett are primarily concerned with the normative issue of how we should respond  politically to technical change and, in particular, whether accelerationism constitutes a viable political strategy for the left.

In much the same way, transhumanist writing circa 2010 assumed that the problem posed by NBIC technologies was how to justify rights for “post-human” persons or to convince naysayers that a transhuman or posthuman life could be worthwhile. It…

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