Saskia Sassen on extractive logics and geographies of expulsion

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By Gustavo García López*

Saskia Sassen (Professor of Sociology, Columbia University) argues that the foundational transformation of capitalism since the 1980s is dominated by a speculative and extractive logic, characterized by “predatory formations” such as vulture funds making cities of ‘dead buildings’ and peripheries of expelled people.

In her recent keynote speech at the  16th Biennial Conference of the International Association for the Study of the Commons in Utrecht, Netherlands, Saskia Sassen offered a keynote speech on the “Extractive logics in our economy: geographies of expulsion” (see the video here).

sassen-300x171 Sassen offering her keynote lecture at the IASC conference, July 11, 2017. Source: IASC

Sassen’s talk began by situating the emergence of the current extractive logics –which are evident in natural resource sectors such as mining and forestry but also in digital corporations such as Facebook and Google— in the “foundational transformation” of capitalism that has occurred since…

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