Out in the freemarket wilderness: the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit

“Weary of such sports, Plant, Land and CCRU have all enthusiastically embraced the idea of escaping “institutional lockdown” by going freelance. In addition to her drugs book, Plant is working on a film screenplay and says she can’t imagine ever returning to academia. The CCRU hope to become a kind of independent think-tank, selling “commodities” on the intellectual free market–like their strikingly designed Abstact Culture (each “swarm” consists of five separate monographs bundled together) and, in the future, CD’s, CD-ROM’s and books. “The whole saga of the first phase of the CCRU was to do with negotiating bureaucratic space,” says Fisher. “But we quickly realised that the institution didn’t depend on university space itself , but on the collectivity.”
It seems unlikely, however, that Plant and her erstwhile cronies will rejoin forces once they’re out in the freemarket wilderness. Some kind of ideological rift seems to have occurred. Plant says she couldn’t really go along with the trip into numerical mysticism, not least because she didn’t like finding herself “in the role of the sensible, conservative one –not a role I’m used to!”. CCRU, for their part, seem to have resented her premature departure from Warwick. Perhaps CCRU’s fervent emphasis on collectivity stems in part from what Kodwo Eshun characterises as “an adaption to this harsh feeling of abandonment by this person who they really admired and who they decided to devote three, four years of their lives around.” Plant, meanwhile, says she felt uncomfortable with being a guru figure.
“Nick’s hermetic, he wants acolytes”, says Eshun. “Whereas Sadie’s this total communicator. Zeros + Ones is the return of the grand narrative with a vengeance. I can’t think of any other writer with the same ambition. Sadie wants the world and I think she’ll get it”
see also http://beingres.org/2017/06/30/afterthefuture-helenhester/

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