Reza Negarestani Returning to the Age of Blogging

Toy Philosophy

I have decided to finally resume blogging. This time, however, I plan to focus on various threads—some still loose and some already converged—of my philosophical research. I believe that ideas should be handled impersonally particularly in science and philosophy. For this reason, I am not convinced about keeping the components of an ongoing research secret. If people can build on your ideas even when your ideas are still in their larval stage, then it does not matter whether they reference you or not. As long as ideas and concepts can be enhanced, refined and propagated, plagiarism is a virtue rather than a vice. The task of a philosopher is to highlight the hard fact that the concept is that over which no single human has a final grip. Therefore, the whole obsession with working in secret, keeping things in the closet until the book is published is absurd. To take…

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