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  1. wellshrink says:

    I am beginning a study of Deleuze and Guattari as a complement to my work as a psychiatrist and my research into masculinities. Your posts are all of interest to me, and I am just scanning them now for closer reading soon. Can I ask how you came to do these investigations? What is your interest in Deleuze and Guattari? From where do you approach this work? Is there a study group for those wanting to plumb these depths? My interest is on the nature of change, on the genesis and process of transformation.

  2. Erik Gershwin says:

    Just read your piece on fully autonomated ind. anarchism at c4ss, and I must say:

    This is has little to nothing to with “individualist anarchism”, if any anarchist is to be cited in this piece it should be Peter Kropotkin (or maybe Murray Bookchin).

    Isn’t Stephen Marglin the guy who wrote that little book “The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community” in which he argued.that markets transactions destroy community?
    And what is this “Hayekian knowledge problems” bullshit? Errico Malatesta (in what Turcato called his “Method of freedom”) and Kropotkin were making the similar criticisms ages before Hayek, even James C.Scott, Scott by the way is not a fan of “free markets” (he wrote a whole book on it), he even critizes the price-mechanism in the book you seem to be citing (“Seeing like a State”).

    Why are you citing Hayek the poster child for “negative freedom” and the father of neoliberalism in a piece about positive freedom and post-capitalism?

    BTW, Kevin Carson, whom you cite, relies a lot on Bookchin (from what I remember).

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