Nick Land & Jeff Wasserstrom – All Tomorrow’s Parties: Shanghai Futurism

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Infrastructures of Subterranean Urban Politics

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audio recording @

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Speculative Posthumanism: R. Scott Bakker, Mark Fisher and David Roden

Dr. Rinaldi's Horror Cabinet

“A posthuman is any WHD [Wide Human Descendent] that goes feral; becomes capable of life outside the planetary substance comprised of narrow biological humans, their cultures and technologies.”

– Dr. David Roden, Hacking Humans

“So really think about it now,” Thomas continued. “Everything you live, everything you see and touch and hear and taste, everything you think, belongs to this little slice of mush, this little wedge in your brain called the thalamocortical system. The neural processing that makes these experiences possible—we’re talking about the most complicated machinery in the known universe—is utterly invisible. This expansive, far-reaching experience of yours is nothing more than a mote, an inexplicable glow, hurtling through some impossible black. You’re steering through a dream…”

– R. Scott Bakker,  Neuropath

In his novel Neuropath Thomas Bible, one of R. Scott Bakker’s characters – an atypical academic, not one of your pie-in-the-sky type, theorists, reminisces with a friend about an old…

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Gothic Futurism reconstructed

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Drop City (Whole Earthers)

“Inspired by cybernetics and LSD, Stewart Brand creates the Whole Earth Catalog as a how-to manual for the commune movement. The catalog articulates a philosophy of tech idealism and individual empowerment. Guests: Fred Turner, John Markoff, and Kevin Kelly.”
for a more ’68 version of world vs state:

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Guattari on Trump as Monstrous and Mutant Algae

“Now more than ever, nature cannot be separated from culture; in order to comprehend the interactions between eco-systems, the mechanosphere and the social and individual Universes of reference, we must learn to think ‘transversally’. Just as monstrous and mutant algae invade the lagoon of Venice, so our television screens are populated, saturated, by ‘degenerate’ images and statements [énoncés]. In the field of social ecology, men like Donald Trump are permitted to proliferate freely, like another species of algae, taking over entire districts of New York and Atlantic City; he ‘redevelops’ by raising rents, thereby driving out tens of thousands of poor families, most of whom are condemned to homelessness, becoming the equivalent of the dead fish of environmental ecology.” h/t Claire @cebabz

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Operative Function: Deleuze on the Baroque

see also Modes of Knowing: Resources from the Baroque and more from Colin

Click to access Rowe_Colin_Koetter_Fred_Collage_City_1978.pdf

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Deleuze and Guattari; May ’68 Did Not Take Place + May 68 & Its Afterlives

BLACKOUT ((poetry & politics))


In historical phenomena such as the revolution of 1789, the Commune, the revolution of 1917, there is always one part of the event that is irreducible to any social determinism, or to causal chains. Historians are not very fond of this point: they restore causality after the fact. Yet the event itself is a splitting off from, a breaking with causality; it is a bifurcation, a lawless deviation, an unstable condition that opens up a new field of the possible. In physics, Ilya Prigogine spoke of states in which the slightest differences persist rather than cancel themselves out, and where independent phenomena inter-resonate. An event can be turned around, repressed, co-opted, betrayed, but still something survives that cannot be outdated. Only traitors could say it’s outdated. Even ancient, an event can never be outdated. It is an opening onto the possible. It enters as much into the interior of individuals…

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Troubles in Heterotopia: occupying space w/ Anthony Vidler

and on warped space

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Algorithmic Affordances for Productive Resistance (2018)

Foucault News

Ettlinger, N., Algorithmic Affordances for Productive Resistance (2018) Big Data & Society, January-June: 1-13

DOI: 10.1177/2053951718771399

Although overarching if not foundational conceptualizations of digital governance in the field of critical data studies aptly account for and explain subjection, calculated resistance is left conceptually unattended despite case studies that document instances of resistance. I ask at the outset why conceptualizations of digital governance are so bleak, and I argue that all are underscored implicitly by a Deleuzian theory of desire that overlooks agency, defined here in Foucauldian terms. I subsequently conceptualize digital governance as encompassing subjection as well as resistance, and I cast the two in relational perspective by making use of the concepts ‘‘affordance’’ and ‘‘assemblage’’ in conjunction with multiple subjectivities and Foucault’s view of power as productive as well as his view of resistance as an ‘‘antagonism of strategies’’ in his late scholarship on resistance, ethics, and…

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