Brian Holmes: EMPATHY MACHINES. Emergent organs for an eco-body?

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The Girl With the Bomb, The Guardian of Dynamite: Notes on the politics of becoming-woman

The Tragic Community

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[Excerpt from a piece on D&G, gender, struggle, and communism as the real movement that abolishes itself and the present state of things]

In the tenth chapter of A Thousand Plateaus, ‘1730: Becoming-intense, becoming-animal…’, one is presented with a sequence of memories and drawn from such a diversity of individuals and conceptual-personae that the sequence itself appears to make very little sense if read as one single extended argument for Deleuze and Guattari’s particular understanding of becoming. Rather, what we encounter are the memories of a Spinozist, a theologian, a sorcerer, and a plan(e) maker, among others. However, buried near the middle of the chapter, in the section entitled ‘Memories of a Molecule‘, where we encounter a discussion on the role of becoming-woman and the figure of the (universal) girl as they relate to both becoming in general and becomings within the domain of politics and history…

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Technology Now: Sonic Feminisms

Helen Hester, Amina Gichinga,Eleni Ikoniadou and Frances Morgan

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Detroit’s Mesh Networkers

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Digital Power | After Democracy

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Scale: Discourse and Dimensions of Social Life

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“Wherever we turn, we see diverse things scaled for us, from cities to economies, from history to love. We know scale by many names and through many familiar antinomies: local and global, micro and macro events. Even the most critical among us often proceed with our analysis as if such scales were the ready-made platforms of social life, rather than asking how, why, and to what effect are scalar distinctions forged in the first place.
How do scalar distinctions help actors and analysts alike make sense of and navigate their social worlds? What do these distinctions reveal and what do they conceal? How are scales construed and what effects do they have on the way those who abide by them think and act? This pathbreaking volume attends to the practical labor of scale-making and the communicative practices this labor requires. From an ethnographic perspective, the authors demonstrate that scale is practice and process before it becomes product, whether in the work of projecting the commons, claiming access to the big picture, or scaling the seriousness of a crime.”

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Lloyd Kahn Discussing the Whole Earth Catalog

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