A Thousand Plateau Dates

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1914: One or Several Wolves?

  • Freud’s On Narcissism is published (?)

10,000 BC: The Geology of Morals (Who Does the Earth Think It Is?)

  • Flexible dating for the beginning of the Holocene epoch, connected with the close of the last Ice Age, global geological and ecological transformations in the shifting of the climatic belt, and the beginning of both migratory and nomadic societies.
  • Hinted at in footnote 26 of the plateau on the Refrain:

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November 23rd, 1923: The Postulates of Linguistics

  • Date of the pegging of the German mark to the Rentemark, effectively ending hyperinflation in what Deleuze and Guattari described as a “semiotic transformation that, although indexed to the body of the earth and material assets, was still a pure act or incorporeal transformation.” (pg. 82)
  • Footnote 12 to this plateau further unpacks the significance of this date:

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587 BC – 70 AD: On Several Regimes of Signs

  • Dates…

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Adapting to Disaster: The Future of Cities in the Anthropocene

more @ http://radioopensource.org/adapting-to-disaster/

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How Economists Turned Corporations into Predators


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The Surveillance State Will Not Save Us

“We saw how impractical blanket surveillance was during the Boston Marathon bombing, when it took three days for the city’s police department to watch the thousands of hours of tape its massive (and extremely secretive) CCTV program logged. Or, more recently, through what’s happening in London, where lax privacy laws and omnipresent cameras haven’t prevented a rash of high-profile terrorist attacks. Not that this revelation is a new one, considering that London police estimated almost a decade ago that for every 1,000 security cameras installed, only one crime was solved. Yet after the final tallies of the injured and dead roll in and the final official reports are logged, it will most likely be increased surveillance—not more restrictive gun laws—that will be offered as a solution to the mass shootings that are plaguing the United States.”

rest @ https://splinternews.com/the-surveillance-state-will-not-save-us-1819057713


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There will be no more October revolutions. Guattari – Automnia

see also D&G concordance in the making @ http://danohara.co.uk/?page_id=8

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Shannon Mattern, Mapping’s Intelligent Agents

Luminar Technologies lidar image

Progressive Geographies

A very interesting piece in Places journal – Shannon Mattern, “Mapping’s Intelligent Agents“. Thanks to Jenny Edkins for the link.

Self-driving cars have sparked a “billion dollar war over maps,” but the cars are the most boring thing about it. How do machine intelligences read and write the world? And what Other intelligences deserve our attention?

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Open Source as a test case of a post-humanist commons

“Post-humanist ecologies and commons are hotly debated in contemporary arts and philosophy. Free/Libre/Open Source software – from the GNU project and Linux to Wikipedia – could be considered the first tested practice of a working global commons. On top of that, it stands for an ecology that has left behind traditional notions of subject, authorship and property. What can be learned from this, positively as well as negatively? Where did the utopia of copyleft commons turn into a dystopia of feeding new economy capitalism? The discussion drew on a reading of new critical research by the artist, software developer and cultural researcher Aymeric Mansoux.” @florian_cramer see also http://cramer.pleintekst.nl/essays/crapularity_hermeneutics/

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