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How does Schizoanalysis Work? or, “how do you make a class operate like a work of art”

“So what is schizo-analysis?” When Lacan finally poses the question, as recounted in The Anti-Oedipus Papers, Guattari doesn’t tell us what his reply, his explanation, is. Instead, there is only the focus on the despotic master of psychology, and Guattari’s … Continue reading

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Crisis and Cure: Three Quotes

Economic Crisis Felix Guattari taught me to see social processes as productions of the unconscious and to see the unconscious as the laboratory in which the scenarios of social action are produced. There is no need to think of power … Continue reading

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Traversals in Nomadic Thinking: “Ecopsychoanalysis”

“A key problem identified by ecopsychology is how to overcome our experiental, academic, and scientifi separation from nature. In so far as the division of mind and body is central for this divide, neuropsychoanalysis deserves to have a place in … Continue reading

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