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Broken Circuits

Maybe speech and communication have been corrupted. They’re thoroughly per​meated by money—and not by accident but by their very nature. We’ve got to hijack speech. Creating has always been something dif​ferent from communicating. The key thing may be to create vacuoles of noncommunication, … Continue reading

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Last one out, please turn off the lights

The months following Edward Snowden’s revelations about the NSA’s spying program has seen a significant exodus from the internet: first, Lavabit, an email service providing complex encryption processes and other privacy protection methods to users (allegedly so powerful that intelligence … Continue reading

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Lazzarato on Foucault and the Failure of Liberalism

The governmentality Foucault describes in The Birth of Biopolitics does not seem sufficient for understanding what it implies from the 1990s on, when governmentality began to limit the freedom which Foucault made the condition of “liberalism.” The freedom in liberalism … Continue reading

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