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Diving Into the Beach Beneath the Streets

Bradley Garrett has posed a radicalization of the (already radical) practice of ‘urban exploration’ – the opening up and diving into the places of the city that are normally excluded from the terrain of our everyday life. For Garrett, urban … Continue reading

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# PHILOSOPHY /// To Have Done with the Massacre of the Body by Félix Guattari

Originally posted on The Funambulist:
Félix Guattari as photographed by Olivier Garros Regularly,  I evoke my will to make this blog, non only a (not-so) daily (anymore) platform of expression for my reflective peregrinations, but also an archive of documents…

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Postmodern Passages: The Construction of the Body

The near-constant refrain at the heart of anti-hegemonic conceptualizations has been the body; as we move from book to book, tome to tome, we can see again and again the resurgence of this discourse: the Cartesian mind-body dualism, Spinoza’s eternal … Continue reading

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Fragments of Ektos/Modernism’s Delirium (Post I)

Ektos – Greek: outside, beyond the outside, exterior, outside of beyond, besides, except. “Since the end of the eighteenth century, the life of unreason no longer manifests itself except in the lightning-flash works such as those of Holderin, of Nerval, … Continue reading

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Traversals in Nomadic Thinking: “Ecopsychoanalysis”

“A key problem identified by ecopsychology is how to overcome our experiental, academic, and scientifi separation from nature. In so far as the division of mind and body is central for this divide, neuropsychoanalysis deserves to have a place in … Continue reading

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Brian Massumi on the posthuman

“Spinoza asks: What can a body do?”1 For a little speculative fun, here’s a potential answer, courtesy of Brian Massumi’s Parables for the Virtual: In the networked dimension… the serial probings, sensitizations, expressions, transductions, relays, and transmission of the body … Continue reading

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Becoming Machine: Thoughts on Hardt and Negri’s ‘Enigmatic Passages’

1. Michael Hardt and Antonio Negri’s Empire has been called many things, running the gamut from the alter-globalization movement’s Communist Manifesto to a secret justification for neoliberal capitalism. One thing for sure is that it captures a zeitgeist; between the … Continue reading

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