A World Free of Work Or No World At All!

aNtiDoTe Zine

Transcribed from the 6 February 2016 episode of This is Hell! Radioand printed with permission. Edited for space and readability. Listen to the whole interview:

If we want to talk about getting to a post-capitalism utopia, we can’t premise it upon an identity that is grounded upon work—factory work or even service work. We need to recognize that a post-capitalist utopia is not going to be utopia of work, it’s going to be a utopia from work.”

Chuck Mertz: Post-work society? That sounds like a utopian dream that none of us will ever attain. Or will we? Here to tell us why we are facing a post-work society, and how we can get there, Nick Srnicek is co-author of Inventing the Future: Post-Capitalism and a World Without Work, which he co-wrote with Alex Williams.

Welcome to This is Hell!, Nick.

Nick Srnicek: Hello, thank you for…

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3 Responses to A World Free of Work Or No World At All!

  1. landzek says:

    It is the sustained illusion that everone has an innate passion that if found and linked onto will be able to launch people out of the drudgery of ‘work’ and into the transcendence of ‘utiopia’. It is the systemization of this trascendental ideal that we now call Capitalism, and it is based in the justification of the few ‘so lucky’ in the name of humsn progress and the concordant subjugation of those who will never be able to enact that passion nor in many instances know what it means. It is the complete religi-fication of humanity, a transcendental carrot.

    • dmf says:

      I think it’s more just a matter of alleviating the alienation of robotic labor but clearly there are some elements of prometheanism in some of these folks work, for all of Bifo’s Romantic limits I appreciate his attempts to deflate heroic archetypes.

      • landzek says:

        These posts are provoking for sure. Zizeks ‘thinking outside capitalism’ is haunting me. With a ‘determined elightenment’ it would seem the difficulty lay in not so much large heroic achievments allowed by the ‘production workers’ but maybe it is more the decentralizing attitude that sees oroblems is likewise the instigator of the problem. It seems there is some sort of inconsistency in the hero idea.

        Im beginning to wonder if religion is indeed the only way to prosperity and stability as well as an ethical but truly progressive state. 😳

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