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Shipboard Travels: A conversation between Charmaine Chua and Laleh Khalili (Part II)

Originally posted on The Disorder Of Things:
Part One just over here. LK: First of all, before we proceed, can I say how much I am enjoying this conversation?  Part of this is the ability to compare my experiences with…

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Gerry Bello on CIA profiting from Austerity loansharking

The American intelligence community is taking a cut out of the paychecks of Britain’s poorest workers. United Kingdom The Guardian recently ran a story, which was part of a series, on Wonga. Although the legalized loan shark has received buckets … Continue reading

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Two Perspectives on the Baltimore Riots

Brian Holmes, via Nettime: As I recall, the finest hour of the American collectivity was the civil rights movement back in the ’60s. As I recall, we got a president today who was elected in honor of that movement. As I recall, … Continue reading

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Algorithmic Force & Fascism @danmcquillan

“The historical connection of fascism to big business is a well-researched phenomenon, starting with Daniel Guerin’s book in 1936. Who amongst us would truly trust Google or Facebook to firewall regressive uses of their data if government made it part … Continue reading

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intersecting agencies and cybersecurity #RSAC

Originally posted on Digifesto:
I recurring theme in my reading lately (such as, Beniger‘s The Control Revolution, Horkheimer‘s Eclipse of Reason, and Norbert Wiener’s Cybernetics work) is the problem of two ways of reconciling explanations of how-things-came-to-be: Natural selection. Here…

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Originally posted on Kurdish Issue:
4 April 2015 – ANF – Ali Guler – Hamburg Prof. David Harvey called for worldwide support for the alternative system to capitalism being established in Rojava. Professor David Harvey, who was a speaker at the…

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Societal Cybernetics seminar w/ Harry Halpin & Smári McCarthy


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