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Obsolete Capitalism: Marx, Money, and Capital The boundaries of Marxist orthodoxy and its refusal to measure itself with any other perspective or analysis had imposed a shortsighted view of reality. Such awareness was deep and, I believe, it caused great concern among those who took … Continue reading

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Closures: A Non-Linear Sketch of the Bunker State

0. A “closed world” is a radically bounded scene of conflict, an inescapably self-referential space where every thought, word, and action is ultimately directed back toward a central struggle. It is a world radically divided against itself. Turned inexorably inward, … Continue reading

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Uncertain Futures

My book Uncertain Futures: An Assessment of the Conditions of the Present will be coming out from Zero Books on February 22nd. To sum it up briefly, the book emerged last winter from a series of notes to myself while … Continue reading

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Deleuze and Guattari: New Earth, New People

Deleuze and Guattari not only describe refrains a small rhythms that one carries within themselves while moving through chaos – they littered their joint works with small refrains that return again and again, also bundled up with certain key concepts … Continue reading

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Designers of Worlds: The Professional-Managerial Class and Architectural Modernism

Lately I’ve been reading David Gartman’s From Autos to Architecture: Fordism and Architectural Aesthetics in the Twentieth Century. It’s quite a fine book, even if Gartman’s Marxism is a bit more orthodox than is necessary and he has a propensity … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy Against the World: Comments on Andrew Culp’s “Dark Deleuze”

“We do not lack communication,” Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari wrote in What Is Philosophy?, their final joint text. “On the contrary, we have too much of it. We lack creation. We lack resistance to the present.”[1] During the course … Continue reading

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Orders of Technics: Considerations on Lewis Mumford

In my previous post, I illustrated how Deleuze and Guattari drew upon Lewis Mumford’s figure of the “megamachine” to flesh out the relationship between capitalism and the state, and to detail in particular how the state props up capitalism by … Continue reading

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