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Manifesto for Revolution (abstract)

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Hunting Rhett Through the Datacombs

At all turns and dives Rhetttwitter acts rhizomatic and removes itself from any form of terminology or encapsulation; it is acts as a form of Roko’s Basilisk, a virus, once one knows of Rhetttwitter they cannot escape, it is a … Continue reading

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urcC Research Notes: Cinnabar

While tunneling deep into Kave Theory, the urrC stumbled across the following synchronicity machine: AQ282 = ACCELERATIONISM = FIELDS OF CINNABAR = TANTRIC CINNABAR AQ134 = CINNABAR = UNITY That “cinnabar” decodes to “unity” is no great surprise, given the … Continue reading

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inhuman kommunism

Copy/pasted from a conversation earlier, saved for later elaboration. ==================================== I have some unformed thoughts that diverge from this, but I tend to view the upward thrust towards kommunism following (kinda like [Nick] Land) a massive negentropic push through technocommercial … Continue reading

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Charting K-Waves

[the following schematic is an ongoing work in progress] The Industrial Revolution Kondratiev Periodizations Installation Phase: 1771 – 1790s Crisis and turning-point: 1793 – 1797 Deployment Phase: 1798 – 1829 Technologies Mechanized cotton industry Wrought Iron Machinery Infrastructures Canals and … Continue reading

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field notes

1. “…the universal comes at the end – the body without organs and desiring-production – under the conditions determined by an apparently victorious capitalism.” (AO, 139) It is capitalism that haunts all previous social formations, all orders that compose the … Continue reading

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Killing Art

X. Now art is living only through its own commemoration. It has become a closed system, art for art’s sake, from which nothing comes out any more. Yet art is a confrontation of man with the illusion of the world, … Continue reading

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Unconditional Acceleration and the Question of Praxis: Some Preliminary Thoughts

thanks to ‘Friedrich von Uxküll’ for the video One of the major points of contention concerning unconditional accelerationism (henceforth U/ACC) is a perceived slight or rejection of any ‘positive’ form of political activity or organizing. The complaint can be summed … Continue reading

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Obsolete Capitalism: Marx, Money, and Capital The boundaries of Marxist orthodoxy and its refusal to measure itself with any other perspective or analysis had imposed a shortsighted view of reality. Such awareness was deep and, I believe, it caused great concern among those who took … Continue reading

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Closures: A Non-Linear Sketch of the Bunker State

0. A “closed world” is a radically bounded scene of conflict, an inescapably self-referential space where every thought, word, and action is ultimately directed back toward a central struggle. It is a world radically divided against itself. Turned inexorably inward, … Continue reading

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