The Horizons of Horror- Laboria Cuboniks (xenofeminists Hester & Bauer)

“Helen Hester (academic) and Dianne Bauer (artist and writer) of the zeno-feminist working group Laboria Cuboniks gave two related presentations. Hester Hester took Linda Stupart’s 2016 book Virus as an example to discuss the tensions between discourses about objects and those about objectifcation, looking at difering approaches to boundary work, and ofering a number of occult images of feminism (alien, witch, virus, cyborg). Dianne Bauer looked into Thomas Ligotti, Thomas Metzinger, Ray Brassier, James Traford and Ripley’s questioning of the decapitated robot Ash in Alien (1979) to think through the horror of living with consciousness, attempts to be a realist in the face of what can be known and the productive possibilities of alienation of consciousness from finitude.”

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